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Light Language – Physical Proof The Connection Of Light & Light Language + Light Language Activation

This was inspired by Psychic Medium Samantha Fe

Light Language – Proof To The Connection Of Light & Light Language + Light Language Activation .

In this video you will discover the hidden physical proof to the connection between light and light language. We also took the opportunity to do a light language activation through a short light language meditation, Enjoy!

Cymatics Discovery By Archie Brave

Orignal Post By Archie:

Original Post/ Discovery from Archie

Here is some information about light language below.

Light Language is a cosmically channeled combination of sound frequencies into words that hold and transmit energies.

Written Light Language

Written Light Language By: Lisa Watson

We got many questions as to how/ why I channel light language, and if it is a big dramatic event or if I can just tap in~ here’s how I do so.

This guided light language meditation can be used to activate your own light language. Simply allow it to flow. All light language can be different and alter in sound, pitch, wording and feeling.

I personally channel my sound light language and I have awareness of what I am sharing and saying. It is always purposed to heal, transmute, clear, bring in light, share akashic wisdom with, and activate those who tap in and open up to receiving these codes.

*Make sure to call upon the LIGHT and be in heart centered frequency prior to channeling Light Language, and even in connecting with sources of the Higher Realms. As with everything~ state and embody your intention. DO you channel light language?

How did this make you feel? Share below ~

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