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7 Things Your Higher Self Wants to Tell You Right Now

Hello. This is your Higher Self speaking.

I see you striving earnestly for a better life. You may sometimes feel you are alone in your struggles, but I assure you that I am always here to guide you.

Often, your mind is too noisy for you to hear my quiet wisdom. I operate in silence, but sometimes I express myself through other people so you hear my messages clearly.

This is one of those times.

I have 7 things I’d like to tell you today. These you already know deep in your heart, but you may have temporarily forgotten. Today I am here to remind you..

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1. “You don’t need to see the whole picture. Just take the first step with faith. I will always show you what to do next.”

I want the best for you, which is why I always guide you towards the highest good. But often you do not trust in me and try to use your own mind to plan every detail of what may go wrong or right in your life.

I see the anxiety this creates in you, causing you to delay your good fortune by taking paths that are not made for you.

You already know your next step, yet you try to anticipate beyond this, which creates a sense of fear, doubt, and uncertainty inside of you. This is unnecessary, for I am always showing you the right next step.

I show you as much as you need to see, but never more.

This is a test of your faith and trust in me. Can you move forward, doing what you know in your heart to be right, without needing to see exactly where it will lead? Can you trust that I will only lead you to good things?

Your future is bright, and you don’t need fear in order to create it. Fear is something you created to protect yourself, but I am here to tell you that you do not need it.

Fear is your cage, protecting only your ego while blocking out the joy and peace that is your birthright.

Today I ask for your trust. Let go, move forward, and allow yourself to be guided by something beyond your own mind.

2. “Letting go is never a loss unless you resist it. Surrender everything to me and I will bring you eternal comfort.”

I see that you are attached to many things, and I understand. You want control. You want things to go right. You don’t want anything good to fall apart.

Yet in all this grasping, can you recognize that the peace you lose far outweighs the false security you gain?

To the ego, letting go is loss. To the spirit, it is gain. In reality, you have nothing to lose but your suffering.

Your past is gone. Why do you waste your energy? Do you not trust that your present or future can be more joyful than your past?

Joy is what I promise to give you, but you have to take the first step.

Your future is a place you imagine will be better than your present. But it is this clinging to the future that prevents you from knowing the peace that is constantly available to you.

Today I ask that you sacrifice the lesser for the greater, because you are completely worthy of the freedom it brings.

3. “All suffering is my design to bring you back to your peaceful center. Heed the call. See the good in what you call bad.”

Everything is a blessing. This is the truth you often fail to see, because these blessings are disguised as challenges.

If it were not for challenges, I could not get your attention for very long. It is difficulties that make you open to hearing my call.

When you suffer, it means you are out of alignment with the truth. The truth sets you free, and because I want only freedom for you, I give you challenges to make you seek for it.

Without these challenges, you would wander aimlessly, missing the true purpose of your life.

In everything you call negative, there is a lesson to be learned. When you fail the lesson, you are presented with similar challenges and adversities over and over until you choose correctly.

Most humans are very slow learners, but you are a more highly evolved being and learn much quicker. If this were not true, you would not be reading this now.

There are 2 main lessons you need to learn in this domain:

  1. Non-Attachment
  2. Non-Resistance

Every time you struggle, you can be certain that it is for the purpose of mastering one of these principles.

4. “Forgive everyone, including yourself. Everyone is doing the best they can from their current level of understanding, therefore seek greater understanding above all else.”

Those who understand the most suffer the least, for they see the true nature of things and are not confused.

Understanding puts an end to judgment and leads to compassion, setting your heart and mind free.

Everyone can change, but change requires time, if only a split second. In the exact moment of NOW, without a future or past to compare it to, no such thing as “change” can exist. Everyone is therefore being all they can be in each moment of existence.

This is why everyone deserves your forgiveness.

Your mind judges the past, projects into the future, but often fails to see the perfection of this present moment. Where no “time” exists, no “problems” exist either.

This is the place I am always calling you to, the timeless place, the silence that heals and renews.

I am always guiding you to this timeless place of complete forgiveness by showing you the pain and suffering that comes from a mind obsessed with past and future.

I tell you, do not look in either place.

Come home where you belong.

5. “Only light can expel darkness. You must bring love—not judgment—to everything you seek to eliminate in yourself or others.”

I see you trying to change using the same type of thinking that created your problems. You reject the negative aspects of yourself and others and try to use judgment and guilt as motivating forces.

This is a game you will never win.

The same judgment and guilt that created your problems cannot solve them. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can.

You will get where you want to go as soon as you start affirming the good in yourself and others.

In a room full of darkness, look for the light shining through the crack in the door. This is your path to liberation.

Love is the dissolving agent that will wash away all your sorrows forever.

Love everything, no matter what.

If you cannot bring yourself to love something, surrender it to me and I will help you see clearly.

6. “You are already enough as you are. Surrender all your ideas that say otherwise and you will realize this truth.”

The ideas you have about yourself are like clouds that hide the brilliance of the sun. The sun is always shining, whether you can see it or not.

Your perfection and wholeness has never been lost, only overlooked in favor of false beliefs and concepts this world taught you to believe in.

Transformation is not about adding anything to yourself. It is not about building yourself up. It is simply removing the false so the Truth can shine forth.

There is nothing you can “do” or “achieve” to become worthy of all the love this universe has to offer. You cannot strive your way to wholeness, for your striving would only take you further away from that which you already are.

You are worthy because you are you.

Joy needs no reason. Peace needs no justification.

Just be what you are.

7. “In an ever-changing world, come to rely only upon me—the changeless, eternally peaceful awareness, the silent witness of everything.”

You’ve come to know yourself as mind and body, but in all the noise have forgotten the most essential part of you. Today I call you to remember who you are.

You can only read these words because of what you are: pure consciousness, devoid of thought. Like sound cannot be heard without the backdrop of silence, thoughts and emotions cannot be recognized without the backdrop of pure awareness.

This awareness is your essential nature. It is what makes your whole life possible. In the noise of this world, you have lost yourself and forgotten this truth.

Relax into me now, the silence at the core of your being. Come to know the changeless, everlasting peace that you are and always have been.

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